There was a time…Intimations of Immortality

‘There was a time when meadow, grove and stream,

The earth, and every common sight,

To me did seem

Appareled in celestial light,

The glory and freshness of a dream.

It is not now as it hath been of yore;

Turn wheresoe’er I may,

By night or day,

The things which I have seen, I now can see no more.’

(Wordsworth, Initimations of Immortality)

الترجمة التفسيرية بالعربية

مرّت مرحلة من مراحل عمري

بدت فيها المروج و الخمائل و السواقي في الأرض

و كل المناظر المألوفة، كما لو كانت مغلّفة بنور سماوي

كالحلم روعةً و وضوحاً

غير أنها لم تعد الآن مثلما كانت عليه

فحيثما انطلقتُ ، و أنى توجهتُ ، في الليل أو النهار

لا أستطيع الآن رؤية تلك الأشياء تماماً مثلما رأيتها من قبل


All That is on Earth will Perish

“All that is on earth will perish; But will abide (forever) the Face of thy Lord full of Majesty Bounty and Honor.” (Quran, 55:26-27)

In the hour of death, after this life’s whim

When the heart beats low, and the eyes grow dim,

And pain has exhausted every limb-

The lover of the Lord shall trust in Him.

When the will has forgotten the lifelong aim,

When the mind can only disgrace its fame,

And a man is uncertain of his own name-

The Power of the Lord shall fill this frame.

When the last sigh is heaved, and the last tear shed,

And the coffin is lying beside the bed,

And the widow and child forsake the dead-

The angel of the Lord shall lift this head.

For even the purest delight may pall,

And power must fail, and the pride must fall,

And the love of dearest friends grow small-

But the Glory of the Lord is all in all.