Sayyid Habeeb Ullah Madani


Shaykhul Islam Husain Ahmad Madani writes about his father, Sayyid Habeeb Ullah that in the field of taweez and amaliyaat he had notable skill and complete expertise. He used to mention, ‘There was a time when I had become so proficient that I used to write naqsh myself for curing illnesses and benefits were derived from them.’ At the time when my father granted me verbal ijazah to practice amaliyat and nuqoosh, he added, ‘I have fulfilled the zakah required for all the amaal within this common place book (his own hand-written compilation). There is no need for you to fulfil the zakah. I present you with ijazah; however, it will be better for you to carry out all the amaal in my presence once. Unfortunately, owing to my insolence and idleness I avoided this opportunity because I considered it an exertion and gave precedence to my Ilmi commitments. I was left regretting my decision thereafter.

Apart from the amaliyaat passed down within the family, my father acquired many amaliyaat from renowned people during his stay in Lucknow and Safipur etc. To add to that, when Molvi Muhammad Ramzan sahib Marhoom Bawryuwi had made a printed copy of  Risalah Ma’dan-ul-amal wal-masail  and sent it to Moulana Fazlur-Rahman Muradabadi, he called my father and gave it to him and stated ,’I grant you permission of all the amaal that have been mentioned in here.’

In 1327 Hijri (1909 CE), when I was in India, my father marhoom wrote the following words across the top of the Risalah Ma’dan-ul-amal wal-masail;


Alhumdu lillahi Rabbil –alimeen-wassalatu wassalam ala sayyidil-mursileen

I, weak servant Habeebullah, grant permission to my son Hussayn Ahmad to practice, to write and to gift it to anyone (as long as they are worthy) all this book’s amaliyaat and taweezat in the same way Hadhrat Murshiduna Moulana Fadhlur-Rahman Rahmatullah ilayhi gifted and presented it to me without amal (practise) or the fulfilment of its zakah. He has also similarly received it without amal and the fulfilment of zakah. Insha Allah Ta’ala, he will benefit Allah’s creation. In the same way I have given him permission of another handwritten book. Thus, may Allah Ta’ala, the Omnipotent, allow people to take benefit from him, ameen. If my son, Saeed Ahmad is desirous and would like permission then this note of permission is sufficient

Habeebullah (written by my own hand)

20 Jamadil Thani 1327 Hijri (8th July 1909 C.E.)

Alhamdulillah, I have the above mentioned manuscripts in my possession. It has now increased in volume as it contains many additions to it from Maulana Husain Ahmad Madani and my own shaykh, Maulana Asad Madani from whom I was granted ijazah to write taweez as he was granted it from his father.




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