‘Shaykhy Crushes’: Trials in the Life of Men of Knowledge

When I first began studying Islam and getting involved in Islamic work, one of the major motivators for me was that this field would keep me away from the fitnah of the opposite gender. For every young man and woman, one of the greatest trials we face is dealing with members of the opposite gender without falling into sin. Originally, and it was naive of me, I thought Islamic work would put me in a position in which I would not have to deal with these situations. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Continue reading here

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  1. Assalam ‘Alaykum Shaykh

    JazakAllah khayr for bringing this to attention.

    I found the following statement quite thought-provoking:
    “It could be that studying Islam has been glamorized and students of knowledge are treated like celebrities”

    I would go further and state that the culture of commericalisation of pretty much everything, which includes within in it a glamorised marketing package to sell an artifiical world to the people has impacted the way the sphere of seeking ‘ilm. The point of “Shuyukh as celebs” I have found to be quite true and the statements sometimes made by sisters, I can confirm. Its all rather MTV-esque. What happened to the nasheed culture upon the onset of its commercialisation is happening in the case of seeking knowledge.

    What do you think Shaykh? though the marketing element can be used as a tool for Dawah, do you think it is perpetuating a culture along with it, its’ adverse effects at the same time?


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