On Sufism

On Sufism

The aim of the Path is “That you worship Allah as if you are seeing Him” [Muslim vol.1:27, Bukhari vol.1:12]. This is the paths primary goal. This in turn ultimately results in gaining divine pleasure.

The rest of the spiritual struggles, including ridding oneself of blameworthy traits and adorning oneself with praiseworthy traits is a means of achieving this goal and is thus not a goal in itself. 

Some Sufi orders concentrate on ridding oneself of blameworthy traits before one can begins one’s journey to the divine. This at times is a lengthy process and sometimes results in parting this world without attaining divine proximity.

Our path concentrates primarily on gaining divine proximity and attachment of the heart with Him. This is firmly rooted in the traveller so that all blameworthy traits disappear themselves and he achieves both purification and divine proximity simultaneously. [Maktūbāt Shaykhul Islām, vol.1:60]


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  1. Please send more info on Sufism. Preferably web site where I can read in detail Insja’Allaj.



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